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Tsukiji-Shijo is located in the southeastern of Tokyo. And Toyosu-Shijo is located in the southeastern of Tsukiji-Shijo.

You can go to Tsukiji-Shijo by train. You should go to Toyosu-Shijo by bus. The bus go through Tsukiji-Rokuchome from Shinbashi-Ekimae to Toyosu-Shijo. Tsukiji-Rokuchome is near by Tsukiji-Shijo. If you ride the bus, You can go to Toyosu-Shijo without transfer, but You must have IC card called “Pasmo” or “SUICA”.

Toyosu-Shijo isn’t liveller than Tsukiji-shijo because Toyosu-Shijo is new and the expertise is stronger. General people don’t enter the auction room, but you can look it over a mirror.

Tsukiji-Shijo : http://www.tsukiji.or.jp/english/index.html

Toyosu-Shijo : http://www.shijou.metro.tokyo.jp/english/

Pick up Sightseeing, Restaurant & Shopping

In Tsukiji-Shijo, There are a lots of seafood restaurants, souvenir shops and stores to sell seafood or vegetable. You should go there every morning because some shops close until evening. You shuold go there weekday as posible because it’s too lively on weekend. http://www.tsukiji.or.jp/english/shopping.html

In Toyosu-Shijo, There are some restaurants and few souvenir shops. You can buy fresh seafood or vegetable, but you should go to Tsukiji-Shijo if you buy souvenirs.

Japanese site: http://toyosu.tsukijigourmet.or.jp/