Main topic

Enoshima is located in the south side of Kanagawa prefecture. There are a lots of surfer and visiter. In particular, a lots of people are full on the beach in summer. You can eat seafood and buy souvenir if you cross a bridge and go to Enoshima island. You can also go from Enoshima to Kamakura by Enoshima Train.

Pick up sightseeing

Shin-Enoshima aquarium is in the western side of Enoshima. I like going to the aquarium because there is my favorite place in the aquarium. You can see beautiful landscape from the terrace deck in the aquarium. I often spend relax time on reading book and listening to music here. https://www.enosui.com/en/

Enoshima island is the southern peninsula. There are some shops to eat seafood and buy souvenir in the island. There is Enoshima Shrine in the center of the island and Enoshima Sea Candle and Enoshima Iwaya Cave in the depths of the shrine. http://jin-power.com/modules/todoufuken/index.php?content_id=30 This is Japanese website.

Enoshima Coast is located on both sides of Enoshimaohashi bridge. https://www.discover-fujisawa.jp/

Restaurant & Shopping

In Enoshima island, Here are some shops to eat seafood and buy souvenir. https://culturize.org/media/enoshima-souvenirs/ This is Japanese website.