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Sengaku-ji is the temple with Japanese famous samurai graves. The samurai name is ”forty-seven ronin” called “”Acho roshi”. They lived and died to be faithful to the lord of their castle. Their lives has been Japanese famous story called “Chushingura(忠臣蔵)” even now.

Their load of castle drew a sword and was going to kill his boss, “KIRA” in the EDO castle on March 13, 1701 . No one know the reason why he did so. Due to this, he killed hisself by law. Actually his all family and vassal were fired. They thought “KIRA” made trouble to their load so then their load was going to kill “KIRA”. Their load can not do so if not. They were revenged on “KIRA” with their load’s regret on December 14, 1702. However, most of them lived in another life. As result, just forty-seven samuarai of them achieved their aim. Due to this, they also killed theirselves by law, bacause the revenge was illegal. They achieved it to the revenge of their master while they understood exactly to lose their lives. Their behavior was unbelievable. The detail was below URL.

There are forty-seven samurai graves in Sengaku-ji even now carefully. You can look at their tracks in the museum.

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There is few shops and restaurants around Sengaku-ji. You can go to Shinagawa from Sengaku-ji by train. Number of stations: 2(including the stations of origin and destination). You will be able to find a lot of shops and restaurants in Shinagawa.

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Shinagawa is a thriving transportation and financial hub with a big menu. From izakaya food to delicious sake, expect plenty to eat, see and enjoy!